What Up

from by JuLS




To go from needed to nuisance on tightrope walking this noose
To needs of virgin fiend pussies generation feelings be loose...
Generation feelings be loose
from core believers to follows tweeters religiously WHO!

Appears to be the newest god on this Twitter charts
with the media screamin’ out GOD! Look at me too!
Drug addiction to be liked, tagged, followed retweeted
and then repeated so to not lose relevance...

Ima make evident as Gilligan, Breaking Bad
with colour depictions paintin’ a picture perfect scene scenario,
to follow crowd is to comfort until your desperate in desperado
Oh No - he ain’t the type to break the stereo

But what’s the stereotype,
What if I’m the stereotype?
I mean I fuckin’ love my voice maybe I should marry the mic!
Because it didn’t seem to work with thoughts of marrying her...

(Whoa whoa whoa man pause that pause that pause that
man why you always gotta do that shit JuLS?
I mean I’m just sayin’ let that shit go!...Aite?)

Rewind, stop, play that back, moving forward as I!

Intervene and intertwined, interchanged
Interfaced and interlaced, into space!
To outer thoughts of outer space
from out of love and out of hate
from in-and-out-and-in-and-out-and-out-and-in-again!

Close the window on innuendos with easy breezy’s
I’m breathin’ air into these beats, CPR repeatin!
No cancer sticks, I’m sick of socializing for no reason
I’d rather season vocabulary throughout the seasons!
That goes for anybody sufferin’ from diseases,
sufferin’ from peasant - sufferin’ from leases
with’yo heart set on leaving - now yo heart’s barely beating
I’m as honest as my sleeve is,
I’m just saying What Up...

I don’t worry bout who’s next, I’m just saying
What Up...
I ain’t trippin’ bout my ex, I’m just saying
What Up...
Da Lai Lama on my quest, I’m just saying
What Up...
In yo presence with my gift, I’m just saying
What Up...

And I don’t blame gravity for this!

See Ima young go-getter, Soulful spitter
Flow Walls of Jericho, no forfeiter!
Expose counterfeits, soulless scribblers
who be talkin’ bout cash they ain’t got, go figure!
Fake ass rappers, Pinocchio figures!
Fibbin’ on they flows and they nose got bigger!
Vancouver’s Own Unknown knows better...
Vancouver’s Own Unknown knows better!

Yeeuh! And he’s sayin What Up!
And he’s sayin What Up!
...yeuh, and he’s sayin What Up!

Copyright  June 2015 by Julian Asuncion


from Vancouver's Own Unknown, track released June 19, 2015
Produced by: EveKey (www.evekey.com)

Mixed & Mastered by: Jamie Kuse (www.jamiekuse.com)

Album Artwork by: Lightbulb Media (www.lightbulb-media.ca)




all rights reserved


JuLS Vancouver, British Columbia

I am JULS. An 80s baby made in Vancouver, a 90s kid who loved cartoons, a poet sharing his story through the art of rap and the love of hip-hop. Green Light Go (GLG) is the motto, and the motto is simple - "If you have a dream, chase it"

Thank You for following my story. Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & SoundCloud all below.

"Live to be remembered, don't live to be a memory"
-JuLS Truly
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