What I Be

from by JuLS




Cops coming y’all fuckers thought I done stole this flow
my life’s in these bars so who’m I stealing from...
mama said follow yo dreams
so why the fuck would I be runnin’ from what I been chasin’ for

[Cop’s Voice]

Verse 1

Say it, go’head, say I’m fuckin crazy
that I got some, crazy disorder of thinkin’ abnormal shit,
thinkin’ outside of the box, boxin’ robotic thoughts,
smile if I get popped...even Uncle Manny dropped

I’m leadin’ with my best foot forward
it’s either you or me I am no pushover,
it’s Ether-Takeover,
it’s Griffin or Perk’s shoulders shit,
play or be played or it’s game over...

Real change, backpack brain kid
played the cards I was dealt then I lit’em like Gambit,
gambled on the streets even attempted to slang shit,
but didn’t wanna have my parents go through the same shit - NAW!

Same pain, knees on the pavement,
tears up on my shoulders when the news started breakin’,
my homie’s mother asked me “what the fuck was he thinkin’!”
I caught myself askin’ the same shit

What the fuck was he thinkin’ - shit
What the fuck are you doin’ JULS?!
I was proof of hypocrisy shit
with the life I was choosin’ yall!

Just a matter of time before this nightmare turned lucid
Adjusted my rear-view, drove off to the future
said let’em know I got soul

[Cop’s Voice]
Cops comin’ y’all fuckers thought I done stole this flow

Verse 2

I’m in the presence of, somthin’ greater than,
whatever the quadratic equation is,
success is a word we all stretch!
What’s money and power without respect!

With value perceived,
it’s hard to believe what comes next, but it comes next,
cuz value to me,
is fuckin rockin’ crowds like a legend

With a timeless flow, with the spotlight on
I witnessed my favourite rapper then witnessed his favourite rapper
Legends from AZ, to the God MC
I shook they hands and knew exactly who I would be

Shit Ima be just like them, except Ima be me,
Like EveKey with Reason Ima share my reason through beats
Ima show y’all my purpose, that purpose is worth it
Ima tell the whole world that I’m Just Unique!

Cop’s comin’ y’all fuckers thought I done stole this flow

Verse 3

I found myself I found my gift
quit all that stupid shit,
quit all the booze and all the drugs
that nearly killed me man,

His lights were beamin,
but really shit was a reflection of,
My whole life flashin’ before my eyes hit that Civic I!

Slammed on to the brakes, caught!
One-two-many breaks, I!
Started payin’ attention, Universe I’m here to listen
Universal mindful message,
Don’t take for granted the blessings surroundin’ your presence Naw,
Be fuckin greatness y’all!

Ain’t nothin’ sure in life, you better hold on
Reality’s unreal that must make me an oxymoron!
Because I’m chasing somethin’ bigger than what’s normal
While these normals lookin’ at me like I be some fuckin’ moron!

This for my mom’s and my pop’s
This for my brothers - Ima showoff all the lessons they taught!
This for my best homies - didn’t have fathers around to see that they
THE BEST HOMIES! - they father figures and ain’t even know it

This for my team! Rockin’ that Green!
Light Go, Light’s On, just follow my lead!
While I’m following hers, and by hers I mean Eve,
Keys got me goin’ tune out let’s ride with the beat

...that real epiphany feel!

See I done told myself plenty of times
To do plenty in life,
so I put the real into these raps
with these poems of mine,

And if it reaches even one who felt hopeless to know they worth it,
I guess my struggle and come up was on purpose
...told y’all purpose was worth it


Tell’em What I Be, What I Be!
Now, then and forever till my time ends!


Now...then...forever till my time ends


from Vancouver's Own Unknown, released June 19, 2015
Produced by: EveKey (www.evekey.com)
Mixed & Mastered by: Jamie Kuse (www.jamiekuse.com)
Album Artwork by: Lightbulb Media (www.lightbulb-media.ca)



all rights reserved


JuLS Vancouver, British Columbia

I am JULS. An 80s baby made in Vancouver, a 90s kid who loved cartoons, a poet sharing his story through the art of rap and the love of hip-hop. Green Light Go (GLG) is the motto, and the motto is simple - "If you have a dream, chase it"

Thank You for following my story. Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & SoundCloud all below.

"Live to be remembered, don't live to be a memory"
-JuLS Truly
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