We Could Fly

from by JuLS




Verse 1

Been patient way too long
my enemy’s my inner me and bitches kiling me soft...
Said I’d never call a woman no bitch but prove me wrong,
the second all these bitches did me wrong

Loosened my tie and took off my cape
said goodbye to the office and kissed Lois Lane
said goodbye to my old ways
hello to a new day...

Yea I’m taking the leap of faith and you can’t

Catch me! (catch me)
Baby I’m falling! (falling)
Ain’t lookin’ for safety baby,
you ain’t gotta call me (call me)

I ain’t comin’ back - Ah! Ah!
I ain’t comin’ back - Ah! Ah!
Ima be too high, Ima be sky high to parachute back - Ah! Ah!

I know I promised (promised)
I’d never leave ya (leave ya)
But babygirl - you know I ain’t ready to keep ya (keep ya)

You’ll never leave, just trust!
and take my hand!
this ain’t goodbye, Ima show you why
Ima help you un-der-stand!


We Could Fly x9
Out this mah’fuckin world

Verse 2

Been thinkin’ way too much,
been drinkin’ way too much,
I haven’t seen enough
ain’t flyin’ straight so much - my cape’s all fucked, Ah!

Know that Sky’s The Limit
verse on The Tenfluence was hittin’
meant every word,
so until my name’s engraved on heaven’s gates - with the greats
I’m sober flying straight
Ms. Hourglass ain’t on my side
I turned that bitch sideways and I said Fuck’it!

Ima fly if it’s the end of me
Ima take this shit beyond pi
and rocket to infinity
was never good at math, but remembered what you said to me
embedded in my memory, you told me that you’d wait for me

And baby you’ve been waitin - been waitin’ for so long!
I’m finally who you want me to be, did it take too long?
You’re the one who said I would make it
Here’s the keys like I promised
Let’s getaway, let’s drive away
matter fact take my hand!


We Could Fly x9
Out this mah’fuckin world

Instrumental Solo


Baby we could fly I’m sayin’ baby we could fly

We Could Fly x9
Out this mah’fuckin world


from Vancouver's Own Unknown, released June 19, 2015
Produced by: EveKey (www.evekey.com)
Mixed & Mastered by: Jamie Kuse (www.jamiekuse.com)
Album Artwork by: Lightbulb Media (www.lightbulb-media.ca)



all rights reserved


JuLS Vancouver, British Columbia

I am JULS. An 80s baby made in Vancouver, a 90s kid who loved cartoons, a poet sharing his story through the art of rap and the love of hip-hop. Green Light Go (GLG) is the motto, and the motto is simple - "If you have a dream, chase it"

Thank You for following my story. Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & SoundCloud all below.

"Live to be remembered, don't live to be a memory"
-JuLS Truly
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