Raw & Uncut

from by JuLS



They said step yo rap game up
your stories are soft
production is lost
you name-drop on all of your songs

I say mind yo business cuz my business is my thoughts
do like 96, fuckin’ Set It Off!

GLG shit, scheming with my team
ask me who’s on the beat Ima tell you EveKey!
Prolly ain’t heard of her like you never heard of me
but this city gon’ witness somethin’ they never would believe YEUH!

This a passion, far from lust
know this feelin’ ain’t just a one night fuck...
Type of shit that made first real love
look into my eyes when she said just trust...

She saw the potential I couldn’t see yet
See I was just a young boy, thinking with his penis
left a good thing! but as a grown man
I now fully understand things happen for a reason!

And this here’s my reason for breathing - Believe That!
Giving the hopeless something to - Believe In!...
Some talk like they got it but they ain’t want it so
when I get it, there ain’t no way I’m mother-fuckin-stoppin!

Till’ I drop dead Ima Terry Fox this,
find a purpose and chase it till my lungs give!...
And he was doin’ this on one leg
So I would be a bitch if I quit - REAL TALK!

This a Pipebomb promo,
rich mind, no dough!
I am Just Soul on sale? Hell No No!
Short but I ain’t no hobbit no frodo
I am more so an asian goin’ Super Saiyan on flows yo!

Super Saiyan on these flows yo!
...super saiyan on these, flows...
Shit I’m just sayin’ all I know as I hit you with no delayin...yo

Y’all really wanna know who’s heart this is?
Scratch that - heart she’s with?
Y’all really wanna front
like you don’t wanna fuck them brains about that chick?

What, thought I wouldn’t come with this
erection, hittin’ as hard as this?!
Feelin’ JuLS be way too new
to spit that real and honest shit?

The tension’s, killing me softly I know...
It’s crunch time, bout time I sit-up on my flows!

No rest for, the wicked nice, he tho!
She think so, she nice too!
JuLS gotta be cold as ice tho!

If makin’ it, means makin’ this shit real
I’m fuckin makin’ it....gotta make the sacrifice...
Goddamn! Jesus Christ! Gave up his life!
So to give-up my nights!...
ain’t really a question, if sleep and death are cousins

I’ll caffeine my intentions
Inject my Inception
Workin’ under pressure
My discreet proression...

I live with decisions I’ve made from the beginning
cuz who you become means shit if you ain’t Fuckin Representin!

Take time to decide!
If you wanna start a family,
respect all the hours inspired!
If you wanna go to school, be prepared to do time!
Just don’t act like it’s a prison and complain for yo life!

Pay wits to the solace of mind,
cuz mindless mindsets can land-mine ‘less you diamond’ing mines!
I be mining for diamonds!...
Nevermind, don’t mind me,
my mind is bouncin’ on some Cloud 9 shit!
Bouncing on some Cloud 9 shit!
Back to 4th bar, reminiscing bout’ 9-6!
What a fuckin’ good year, man a fuckin’ great year,
Not for the Charlotte Hornets!...

Man it must’ve felt sick trading 13th pick,
and passin’ up on some real future shit...
then story goes...
Lakers turned 8 into pure gold...

...Lakers turned 8 into pure gold...
2-4...modern day Achilles...
It ain’t how hard you fall it’s how hard you be fuckin willin!...

To make history, not to be history
To be remembered, not to be a distant memory!
Shit Ima do this till my city be accepting me!
That’s Vancity till the mother-fuckin death of me!

Just Soul, Just Lyrical, Just Unique...
EveKey they gon’ feel this just you wait and see,
just you wait and see


from Vancouver's Own Unknown, released June 19, 2015
Produced by: EveKey (www.evekey.com)
Mixed & Mastered by: Jamie Kuse (www.jamiekuse.com)
Album Artwork by: Lightbulb Media (www.lightbulb-media.ca)



all rights reserved


JuLS Vancouver, British Columbia

I am JULS. An 80s baby made in Vancouver, a 90s kid who loved cartoons, a poet sharing his story through the art of rap and the love of hip-hop. Green Light Go (GLG) is the motto, and the motto is simple - "If you have a dream, chase it"

Thank You for following my story. Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & SoundCloud all below.

"Live to be remembered, don't live to be a memory"
-JuLS Truly
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